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Interview with Master Trainer KERRYX - Deep Noir Meditation 

What inspired you to first try meditation?

I've been a long time student of the occult, so this practice was on my radar for a long time, but I started out meditating in yoga classes when I was a bit younger, and from there studied a few different forms with a range of teachers. It helps calm my mind, and it's great for my mental health.

What (short term) benefits did you find from meditation (that caused you to continue meditating?)

Short term, it helps clear my mind, and snap me out of ruts.  It improves my sleep, and ensures I'm breathing correctly and not being trapped in the constant 'fight or flight' response that we experience in modern society.

What long-term benefits have you experienced from having meditated regularly for many years now?

Meditation is excellent for maintaining my mental health. It helps me stay calm, and break out of the depressive cycles that I'm often prone to.  It helps me to feel connected to the earth, and the space around me, ensuring I stay grounded and present.

What different types of meditation are there?

There are so many different forms out there all with so much to offer! I like to combine several techniques drawing on mindfulness and cognitive therapy, transcendental meditation, buddhist practices, muscle relaxation, yogic meditation, and guided spirit meditation.

Are there right and wrong ways to meditate?

I don't believe so. Basically any attempts to meditate are going to be beneficial, and like all things, the more you practice, the more proficient you become!  I encourage people to experiment and discover what works best for them, as that's the most important thing!

What is different about the meditation sessions you teach, to other types of meditation classes on offer?

Well the big one is my music choice! There's no airy-fairy hippy crap in this sesh! We have a range of doom, ambient noise, experimental and drone metal to help relax the mind and meditate in style! Also, I like to mix several styles of meditation to create a unique and personal experience for my students.  Each week has a different theme to draw upon and explore, hopefully broadening the educational experience!

Do you have to be spiritual to do / to get benefits from meditation?

Not at all! The physical and mental benefits of a meditation practice are well documented in the scientific community, and whilst meditation can definitely enhance spirituality, it's by no means a prerequisite!  I try to present a balanced and well rounded approach to my style, acknowledging both the mental and physical benefits with a unique twist and drawing upon my own spiritual (and non-spiritual) experiences.

What do you think is the greatest misconception about meditation?

That it's for hippys, new age types or religious nutters! Anyone can rock meditation and benefit from its teachings!  Combine an open mind with relaxation techniques, alternative tunes, and some good solid guided breathing and you'll feel like a new woman!!!


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