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Photo: Kimberly Thomson

Wet Lips’ debut self-titled album has garnered huge acclaim across the country and they’re officially tearing the scene a new one. The Melbourne trio have created a blistering set of tracks capped at under half an hour - making it a fast, scrappy and fun as fuck punk record that you need in your ears and your life. 

One thing that rules so hard about Wet Lips, is that they rose above a music scene that loves to discriminate. The band was sick to death of the bro culture surrounding punk and garage music. We've seen this at all kinds of gigs - fist-bumping sausage parties, ruled by shoeys and circle jerks. Yeah, no thanks. Instead of sitting back while people took the piss, Wet Lips got up on stage and did something about it. 

Their album follows their breakout EP ‘Wet Is Best’ – which dropped in 2015 at the inaugural West Fest. Wet Fest started as a mini fiesta that band members Grace Kindellan and guitarist Jenny McKechnie (AKA two of the three founders at LOCAL HEROINES: Hysterical Records) threw in their Melbourne back yard. Being well over the lack of representation on lineups across Melbourne, they chucked a party to showcase their pals and bands inclusive of all genders - not just the blokes.  Wet Fest was born and a certified success. Two years later, it easily fills up The Tote.

Wet Lips is:

Grace Kindellan - guitar and vocals 
Jenny McKechnie - bass and vocals 
Mohini Hillyer - drums and vocals 


Chuck this track on your CRAMP MUSIC playlist: 'CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE'

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