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CRAMP MUSIC: Shrimpwitch

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These two dynamos have successfully spliced fruity lexia with prawns on the barbie - the result is the juicy, crackling garage punk two-piece, Shrimpwitch

Photo: Kimberly Thomson 

Their debut EP 'Eggs Eggs Eggs' was the first official release on local label Hysterical Records. The release was premiered on Rolling Stone - which is no easy feat, but a pinch for these crustaceous cuties. 

CRAMP loves that Shrimpwitch give zero fucks if you like them or not, and don't abide by any lame conventions. Ingest immediately if you like your rock smokey and your punk scrappy, all buttered up with salty sweet satire.

Shrimpwitch is:

Georgi Goonsack - lead vocals and drums
Kim Prawn - vocals and guitar 


Chuck this track on your CRAMP MUSIC playlist: 'LUST FOR A KICK' 

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