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Rock Aerobix

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Rock Aerobix was one of the first ever classes at AWF, and it's stuck around for a reason. A twist on usual aerobics, Rock Aerobix sees even the most uncoordinated gals (see - ReBelle Girl) getting equipped with a stack of dance-floor ready moves, set to a bangin' soundtrack.

Our master trainer Ambika took five from her hectic schedule, to tell us her all time favourite moves from Rock Aerobix.


In the number one slot is the Rocking Guitar. "This would have to be my absolute favourite move of all time!" says Ambika. "Who doesn't secretly LOVE air guitar?! You get to throw yourself into it and let go of heaps of shit which doesn't serve you. Therapy - that's what it is!" Watch out for the air guitar solo, shit gets wild.


Second on the list is the Smash. "Nothing like a bit of fist punching and grooving at the same time!" Ambika explains. The Smash is also great for toning up your shoulders and getting some rage out - double win.


Number three for Ambika is the down tempo Alice. "We can close our eyes and just dance to the music," she says. "No judgement. Oh, and it's the perfect way to catch your breath!" ReBelle Girl can confirm that with the ripping workout Rock Aerobix provides, sometimes this is very much needed.


Next on the list is the Tina! "Had to put an exclamation mark next to that one," Ambika says. "It's seriously hard work but Tina Turner has been doing it all her life and look at her. She is AMAZING!"


Last but not least, also happens to be ReBelle Girl's favourite - Rain. "This is when we get to imagine we're in the '80s film clip," explains Ambika. "It's all about the spirit fingers and the facial expression as if to say ... 'yeah, that's right, I look bulk ace.' Oh my god, there's plenty more. I just love teaching Rock Aerobix."


Ambika is guaranteed to have you forgetting you're exercising, with these cracking moves and stacks more. 


Photos: Stevie O'Cuana

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