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We’ve heard of wearing your heart on your sleeve, but what about on your butt? PunderPants is a new brand of knickers by pun-wizard Nat Rowe. Laughing is some of the best medicine there is and Nat gave us the low-down on what these undies are all about.


So tell us the story behind PunderPants?

“PunderPants came about from a conversation with an old work colleague. He and I shared a love of puns and he suggested ‘punts’ to me one day, having noticed my legging-wearing obsession. After a bit of thinking I decided that undies with puns was a great idea and PunderPants evolved from there”

“I’m a huge fan of collaborative projects and promoting other’s talents. I thought this would be a fun project to work on with different artists to release limited releases of their pun designs.” 


How do you come up with ideas for the range? 

“After a mass pun storming session with a friend we collated a list of our favourites. Then the short-list was sent off to some other people to rank their top three favourites.  I then selected the top ranked puns to kick things off and approached Matty Taylor about designing some artwork to go with them.” 



Who is PunderPants made for? 

“Funny bums! People with a sense of humour, who think that growing up doesn’t have to be boring. You might work an office corporate job, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep your arse covered with fun!”


What’s your all time favourite PunderPants product? 

“As a new project with limited released products to date, the 'I’m Baked’ pundies are probably my fave so far.” 


Can we look forward to any new additions to the range anytime soon? 

“I’m currently working on adding some mens’ pundies to the line-up.”

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