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AWF is all about everything arts and music, so we jumped at the opportunity to join in the fun for Open House Thornbury.

The initiative saw a swag of businesses and homes around our hood welcoming artists and musicians for a night of local magic. Anticipation was high when we opened up our doors and our hearts on Saturday August 6, equipped with the contributions of some stellar creatives.

AWF tricked out The CLUBhouse with a variety of artwork, which seemed at home on the walls of our bright and quirky HQ. In a room usually reserved for yoga, TomboyBill provided surreal paintings of underwater, abstract musings. This was coupled by the haunting mixed mediums of Helena Regina, who specialises in layered, complex portraits. With the high quality paintings on display, our yoga den felt decidedly more like some kind of gallery for modern art.

As you moved through to the front room, we had the remarkable artwork of Valentina Maxwell Tansley on display, and nearby the work of her great friend Luella Evans aka lollypopart. Tansley and Evans are both established artists, with their own unique styles. Evanseye series was a firm favourite among attendees, with many stopping to allow the paintings to stare straight into their souls.

Tansleys rich and textured, geometric prints were also a crowd pleaser, commanding attention as soon as you walked through our front doors.

Last but far from least, we had the insane work of Lu Diamond popping from the hallway walls, just past our shop space. Lu Diamonds art is a throwback to pop culture and tattoo art, featuring pieces that stand out boldly from the crowd with strong lines and explosive colours.

On top of all this, we also had some fantastic musicians join us for the party. Three-piece indie outfit Yukumbabe transformed the back room into a palace of rockintunes at 5.30pm, playing a loud yet relaxed half hour set.

By 7pm there was a swarm of visitors buzzing around The CLUBhouse, ecstatic to feast their eyes on free, innovative art in an unconventional setting.


By the time Blaire hopped up on her chair, guitar in hand, the front room was nicely warmed with cosy attendees. The acoustic set broke hearts with Blaires delightfully sweet presence and musical prowess, serving as the perfect night cap to an already exceptional eve.

AWF was so stoked on the night and the art, weve decided to keep some of the work on display. So if you missed it, head on down to The CLUBhouse while its still hanging out.

A special thank you to everyone who came by and said hello - we hope your Open House Thornbury was as tops as ours!


Photos: Janina Revill instagram 

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