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Alternative Women’s Fitness is proud to announce the launch of our new project, ALTERNATIVE RAINBOW FITNESS – a new arm of exercise and wellness classes designed specifically for the LGBTIQA+ community.

photo: Annabella - Rainbow Butts

Director of AWF, Sabina Turner, saw the need for an inclusive space for members of the LGBTIQA+ community to feel at ease whilst focusing on their wellbeing. 

AWF is for people that identify as women. But what about everyone else? There was an overwhelming sense that others might be missing out,” Turner says.

The inspiration struck following AWF’s sell out Kath and Kim themed class in 2017.

“Watching Annabella and Josh perform and instruct a bunch of people embracing diversity made my bloody heart explode! Why can’t we have more opportunities where everyone can celebrate who they are? We have the platform, we just needed to build the diving board.”

Here at AWF we have a long-standing history of fostering safe spaces and attracting queer identifying clients. Our trainers come from a variety of backgrounds including dance, counselling and art therapy and identify as LGBTIQA+ themselves, or have extensive backgrounds working within the queer community.

“ARF is about providing a safe space for people to be themselves. For some reason in our culture, exercise establishments can be super judgmental and unwelcoming with hectic gender stereotyping. Everyone deserves the opportunity to get fit and feel good about themselves.”

photo: Keely - Unicorm Dreamin' Yoga                 

AWF resident Yogi Keely is jumping on board the ARF train to lead inclusive yoga classes, suitably called Unicorn Dreamin'.

“The LGBTQIA+ community in Melbourne helped me to find my identity, gain self-confidence and embrace my creativity,” says Keely. “As a yoga teacher, it’s my duty to spread the magic of yoga to as many people as possible.”

Counsellor and dance fanatic Amelia will be leading the all NEW Breakfast Boogie - a morning dance session specifically designed for the queer community.

“Breakfast Boogie is not a traditional dance class,” says Amelia. “It’s a queer community meet up where we can all come together in a safe space, dance out our feelings and share breakfast together. We’re not focused on learning moves or nailing choreography - we’re focused on feeling ourselves, letting it all out, and feeling connected to each other for better long term mental health.”

Over the next month, new classes for Rainbow Fitness will include Purrlates, Doof Yoga, Rave Barre, Retro Step, Rainbow Butts, Unicorn Dreamin' Yoga, RADhiit Dance Fitness and Breakfast Boogie.

All AWF clients are welcome to attend ARF classes to further diversify their fitness journey. While we will still host our women’s only sessions, 2018 will see AWF & friends go to new heights and grow our community of like-minded legends. We can’t wait to share it with you! 

Alternative Rainbow Fitness classes launch on February 5th 2018.


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