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Hey Cat you totally nailed the photoshoot.
Have you done many like it before?
I've been modelling for 4 years on and off now and this is the first time I've gotten to shoot an active wear look book, I have worked Sab before, in 2015 when the DRSxAWF line was presented at RAW, I got the opportunity to strut my way down the catwalk with a fohawk and their amazing line which was incredible so I was very excited to get to work with them again. There's nothing like the range that AWF has created and it's extra special to get to be in the raddest, comfiest, outfits that are clearly made for women who rock. 

Can you talk us through the day of the shoot?
Before the shoot I did a quick workout at home to get my body "popping" and then once at the clubhouse it was a rad day of having my face beat for the gods by Lanie, hanging and talking trash with the queen herself Sab and then getting my mug shot by Michelle! The women I was surrounded by were just incredible and created the most positive badass atmosphere to be in. 

You rocked some rad outfits from the AWF Collection. Did you have any personal faves?

This is like picking my favourite pet, I loved them all so much! Each outfit had it's own story but these are my favourite two; the Classy AF outfit made me laugh because of the sidewalk couch we shot on, it was sooo damp my butt was soaked! The other one I have to mention is open jacket with the ZO X AWF faux fur on top; that outfit made me feel so powerful and confident I just wanted to walk the streets with "who run the world" playing behind me.

Finally Cat, what was the best part of the experience?

Just getting to be surrounded by women who are at the top of their game all day is an experience I will never forget. Sab has created this amazing atmosphere for women to come and be themselves and I am so obsessed with how empowering that is!  


Photos: @michelleghunder 

Model: #AWFGal @cat_kasey

HMUA: @lanie_7777hmua

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