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a super fit and inspiring Woman.

She's a Melbourne Based Fitness Coach, Vego, Pole Dancer, Boxer... and overall legend!

1. What motivates YOU to train?
I am motivated to train because not only is it my passion, but it gives me energy and constantly motivates me to set higher goals and push myself to the next level...
2. What athlete/ performers inspire you?
I am most inspired by Lisa D... She is a pole dancing extraordinaire.
3. What is your fave thing about training others?
My favourite thing about training others is being able to share that same great positive mind set and sense of achievement with people who are wanting to set themselves the challenge.

4. What’s your number one workout item, if you don’t have this item you can’t train!

My number one workout item is my music. I like to get lost in my zone when training and music makes that happen.

5. What’s your slogan to motivate Women?
My slogan to motivate women is "you will always make time for the things you want to do".

6. What do you do for fun outside of training?
Outside of training I enjoy sleeping in and catching up on some quality beach time down on the surf coast.

7. What’s your all-time fave band?
My all time favourite band would have to be Queen. Love to rock out to their stuff!!

Find her on Instagram @Kiko_Fit  #Kiko_Fit #KikoFit #Fitness #fitspiration #FitAsFuck

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