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ISSUE #4 Cover Gal

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To kick us off Keely, you’re the resident yogi at Alternative Women’s Fitness and now Alternative Rainbow Fitness as well. Could you tell us about your experience so far?

“It’s been bloody awesome! Sabina is an absolute gun, always working on about 50 exciting projects at once and always up for collaborating with people in the community with similar values.”

“It’s an exciting place to work, yet also a super chill sanctuary for anyone who wants to get fit, have fun, meet people, but doesn't subscribe to your typical 'gym culture'.  I love coming to work and seeing all the regulars who basically live at the Thornbury Clubhouse.”


“ARF is super exciting and holds a real special place in my heart. I identify as queer and finding friends and family in the LGBTQI community when I first moved to Melbourne helped me to become who I am today.” 

So you love yoga! What is your favourite thing about yoga and why should people do it? 

“Yoga is just bloody magic. It really is. I mean, you feel it when you finish a session, right? You feel amazing, like you are at peace with everyone and everything, no matter how shitty or hungover you felt at the start of the class. And that’s ‘cos it not only helps your body to stay healthy, flexi and strong, but it works deeper – on your organs, on your breathing, on your mental health and your spirit (if you feel you have one). Trust me, it’s just awesome. Come do it. You don't need to be flexible/spiritual/wear Luluemon to do yoga, it’s for absolutely everyone.” 

At CRAMP we reckon just because it’s a new year, it doesn’t mean you have to change yourself. Do you have any thoughts on how we can feel more comfortable in our own skin? 

“Um, do yoga. Haha... but also, I really believe that the answer to any problem is within us.”


“Some of my biggest learnings in life have been about just learning to trust myself more, and to look inwards, rather than outwards for answers. To trust my intuition more, to learn to be myself and not care what people think.” 

“Finding time to sit down and be quiet with yourself, by meditating, reflecting, relaxing. Being able to do that regularly is such a great way of getting to know and love yourself for the legend that you are!”

The cover shoot for CRAMP #4 looked like a rad time. Could you tell us what went down?

“Classic Sabina idea. ‘Hey Keely, why don't you come in and strip down to your knickers and squirt paint around and I'll take photos?’ How could I say no?”


What are your goals for 2018? 

“I have so many. I know its not cool, but I love new years resolutions. The start of a new year just has so much amazing energy for change and re-energising. In 2018 I basically want to improve my self care routine by prioritising my own personal yoga and meditation practice, to have scheduled screen-free time and to wake up a bit earlier.” 

Finally Keely, do you have any ’naked' or life tips you’d like to share with CRAMP readers? 

“Life can be so damn exciting/stimulating/distracting sometimes. It can be easy to become distracted by shiny things and lose touch with yourself, how you want to live, or what you want to achieve in your life. Especially with social media and technology. There are so many different voices telling us what's important.” 

“It’s so important to strip away all of that – all of the bullshit that gets in your way, and get real with yourself. Everyone has a different way of doing this. Getting in touch with nature, practicing yoga and mediation, getting creative, writing, exercising.“

Keely currently hosts:

  • Naked.
  • Yoga For Rockers
  • Roar 'N' Release
  • Rainbow Unicorn Dreamin' Yoga

View the FULL PROGRAM here > AWFA18


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