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LOCAL HEROINES: Hysterical Records

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Hysterical Records is a new record label kicking goals in Melbourne. The music industry is overwhelmingly male-orientated and Hysterical is striving to make a change.

Fresh out of the gates, Hysterical was quick to sign local garage punk outfits Wet Lips and Shrimpwitch. Both bands' releases through the label in 2017 have enjoyed an incredible reception, attracting attention from Rolling Stone, Triple J, Noisey and countless others.

Label founders Grace Kindellan of garage trio Wet Lips, Amanda Vitartis of Future Popes PR and Jenny McKenchie of both Cable Ties and Wet Lips are taking back what it means to be 'hysterical' - encouraging a platform for women, queer and trans people to shred, turning a scene full of bros into a distant memory. 

We caught up with the ever amazing Grace, who gave us the low down on what they've been up to...

How did Hysterical first get started and what do you stand for?

"Hysterical Records started when Jenny and I looked to Amanda to help us release the debut Wet Lips record.

"Three women walked into a bar... and we came out with a brand new record label!

"Our aim with Hysterical Records is to put out music by the Australian bands that we love. There are so many awesome bands playing in Melbourne and around the country at the moment and we want to help them reach a wider audience.

"We are also on a mission to improve representation of women, trans people, and queer people in Australian music, particularly within the genre of garage/punk music. It is tiring seeing mediocre bands who make apathetic 'punk music' rise to the top simply because of their image as a larrikin BOYS band."

What has been the biggest achievement so far?
"The response to the Wet Lips record has been a huge achievement.
"Apart from that, having musicians we admire send through their music for us to listen to and think about releasing has been super flattering."
What's next for Hysterical that we can look forward to?
"At the moment we are working on the Lazertits/Swim Team split 7", which will be launched on October 7 at Old Bar.
"The Lazertits song is a dead-set banger with a chorus as big as Silverchair's 'Tomorrow' and Swim Team have created yet another three minutes of perfect guitar-driven garage pop. Both tracks are ideal gym songs! We are really excited to be putting out two of our favourite local bands and can't wait to hear the tracks on the radio and celebrate with them at the launch."
"We are also looking forward to December 2 when we can watch Suss Cunts, Hi-Tec Emotions, Hexdebt and Pleather Purrs play on the stage we curated for Gizzfest 2017. In the meantime, we are planning big releases for 2018 and can be found dancing up the front of gigs or standing up the back saying things like "you know who I reckon's a real good band?" or "yeah nah yeah I saw them play at a house-show in 2012. It was really sick..."
What a bunch of top birds.
Stay up to date with all things Hysterical via their Facebook and website.

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