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FIGHT for your right to party.

Posted by Sabina Head Coach on

The first rule is, we’re gonna talk about fight night.

We have invited AWF participants and sisters to one of the biggest and most fun nights!

Fight Night is a gals only event, in which P!NK Boxers and MuayThai babes will battle it out - with a great cheer squad behind them!


AWF is stoked (and proud as bloody punch) to announce our MC for the upcoming FIGHT NIGHT. Jelena Goluza is the energetic vocalist and label manager of Melbourne DIY hardcore punk band, Outright, and bassist in Judas Wolf. She works as a senior advisor at the Department of Justice, is an incredible mentor to so many and has spent over 10 years running the non-profit Bake Down The Walls food stand to build community, funds and awareness for important causes. Jelena chooses an active and positive feminist vegan straightedge lifestyle. - what a CHAMP!

AWF invites all current participants to our 'Fight Night' (Sparring night).


Rebelle MT - Kickboxing/MuayThai, Rebelle Boxers and PiNK BOXiNG participants are all encouraged to come along and test their skills in sparring matches.

RULES AND GUIDELINES All safety equipment is to be worn:

BOXING 10oz gloves, mouthguard and headgear. No strikes to face, No grabbing,

MUAYTHAI 10oz gloves, mouthguard, headgear and shin pads. No strikes to face, no kicks to the box, back, or knee joints, no knees to the head, no elbow strikes, grappling only allowed for 5 seconds.


*Rego cut off 16 March 

House Band | Spiral Perm

2-piece Melbourne band will blow you away...

Ali E (Damn Terran, Heavy Beach, Little Athletics, Mod Vigil, Ali E Band) Kate Koomen (Deep Scene, Bunny Monroe) come together and make tunes. Not a hair band. Rhea Caldwell Photography

Facebook | Listen

Half time entertainment: Dee Street Dance Mob | Much loved CLUBhouse housemates show us what they're made of.


Fight night 

Venue: 4 Gooch St, Thornbury 

Time: 7-10pm 





NB:  This is not a public event. Tickets available only to current and former AWF crew & members; and female identifying friends & family of AWF 'fighters'.  AWF is a women's only space (18+ event). 

*check t+c's prior to purchasing any passes.

Any further questions; CONTACT US

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