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DRUMMER: Julia Watt

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Julia Watt drums for more outfits than you can poke a drum stick at – including Melbourne bands Moody Beaches, La Bastard, Hot Wings and Hana & Jessie-Lee’s Bad Habits.

CRAMP finds out how much Julia loves hitting things and how much stamina it really takes.

So Julia, you play drums for Moody Beaches and La Bastard. How long have you been drumming for? 

“On top of playing with Moody Beaches and La Bastard, I also play in Hot Wings and Hana and Jessie-Lee's Bad Habits.”

“I just love it so much I want more and more! I'm now into my 22nd year of drumming. That makes me sound old!”

What was the first song you learned to play?

“I began learning drums in the ‘90s so had some killer songs to learn, but the very first was ‘Come As You Are by Nirvana.’ I thought I was SO cool once I'd learnt that!”

Drumming looks like a killer arm workout. Did it take a while to build up your stamina?

“Definitely, years of practice and I mean it - years!”

“The arm workout is a combination of playing the drums and carrying the bloody things around all over town.”

What have you got coming up for the bands you currently play with?

“I'm super excited to be playing at WOMADelaide with Hana and Jessie-Lee's Bad Habits in March 2018.”

“Moody Beaches have just recorded their first EP, which is awesome. Follow us hard on socials for release info.”

“After touring Mexico earlier this year, Hot Wings are back in the studio recording album number two – world domination to follow – La Bastard are having a bit of down time after releasing and touring our third studio album this year AND just to be completely crazy, I've started playing bass in a new band called Party Pest.”


For anyone considering taking up the drums, can you tell us why they definitely should?


“You will have more friends, more sex, life will generally be better and more worthwhile. DO IT NOW!”


Have a suss of Moody Beaches, La Bastard and Hana & Jessie Lee’s Bad Habits on socials.



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