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Dark Fair for DRS X AWF

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Only a track from Dark Fair could allow us to show off the haunting features of the DRS X AWF "LOVE BITES" capsule.

INTERVIEW with the Gals from Dark Fair >>>

1. What is your backstory? How did you meet each other and become Dark Fair?

Ellie: We met about seven years ago in Brisbane. We used to play gigs together and then eventually, I talked Ramones into letting me play drums in her band because I thought she was so great. Then she moved to Melbourne and I moved to Sydney. We missed playing together so I came to Melbourne one weekend for a jam and we decided we should start a duo. And we lived happily every after!

2. How did you come up with the name 'Dark Fair'?
Ramona: I can’t exactly remember but I think I had seen some artwork somewhere that we liked and it was actually Ellie who said that’s a cool name and then I went yeah let’s use that.

3. If you could be any other animal what would you be and why?
Ramona: Since I was a kid I have been dreaming about sharks. I surf so they are on my mind when I go into the water and most likely because my brother and sister told me when I was little that there was a shark out there with my name on it. So, maybe they were actually meaning I might like to be a shark. One wise woman who I bumped into along the way told me perhaps my spirit is that of the shark. I don’t know. Maybe I want to be a being that can travel the seas but I’ve never wanted to be feared. I do like Mantarays. I would rather be one of them but somehow the shark feels like home.

4. Where is your favourite place to rock out to a shrieking crowd in Melbourne?
Ellie:  Can I have two? Too bad, I’m choosing two: The Tote and The Old Bar. Two iconic rock venues with awesome vibes, great staff and delicious tap beer selections.

5. What was it like playing your first show together?
Ellie: Mmm my memory’s not great but I think it was supporting The Magic Bones at The Evelyn. And we were probably really nervous.

6. I imagine writing an album is a difficult process & you would both need to be on a similar wavelength to put it together... What is your process in creating music together and what roles do you play in that process?
Ramona: I’ve never set out to write an album. I just write songs and I tend to do it these days with Ellie in the room. I will generally write the lyrics, come up with a melody or a riff and then she comes in with her own signature beats and the song takes form. There isn’t any order though to the process. We will work through tightening the structure together or we leave that for the studio (as we did with Listen Up). We tend to just work really well musically together. We have been playing together for nearly a decade so we have to have some naturalised connection. I think we also respect each other musically. We don’t tend to get narky at exploring ideas, trying stuff.

7. How do you find being independent female artists in Melbourne? Is your art a side project or are you pursuing it as a full time journey?
Ellie: As much as we’d love to play music full-time, it’s definitely a side project for us right now. Working and playing in a band can get pretty exhausting at times, so you really have to be passionate about it. In terms of the scene, there are so many incredible women playing in bands here which is always so inspiring. There’s definitely a supportive network between the girls too which is really special to be a part of.

8. What advice would you give to other female artists looking to start their journey into the industry?
Ramona: I’d give this advice to anyone regardless of gender, make sure you have another income. We are completely self-funded. Mostly every other band I know is. If you want to record, go on tour, promote yourself, buy gear, fix gear you need money. You have to invest and it takes cash. I also think it’s good to do lots of different things in life. My dad was a teacher and a writer and he gave me great advice – have a backup. I’ve been fortunate enough to have studied, gotten into a work industry I enjoy and have a life and income to enable me to do music too.

9. What do you do to "get in the zone"? Where is your happy place?
Ellie: I’m quite an introvert so my happy place is probably relaxing on my own….with my cat…. watching Broad City…eating a mango.

10. What kind of activities do you do to stay fit and healthy? (This doesn’t mean "working out" it could be the food choices you make or going for a walk to clear your head, etc.)
Ramona: I do a range of different things to stay healthy and fit. My favourite activity is surfing. I’ve done this since I was about six. Living in Melbourne though I don’t get to the coast loads so, I go for a run most mornings, cycle or walk to work, do a bit of yoga. My girlfriend is an amazing cook and she has gotten me to eat better these days. I also actually try and stop and relax. I’m not good at sitting still but I am trying. I tend to keep pushing myself until I fall over. So, I am trying to focus on my wellbeing more.

11. What is the message you are communicating to the world through your music?
Ramona: I don’t think I have one message for the world. I think I just like writing and music. I started writing as a means of processing stuff. Music has a tremendous healing quality for me. I tend to write about what I see, read, hear, feel. I write from my observations and perceptions obviously. When I do write I don’t pick a topic, it just takes form organically. I don’t think that is profound.

12. What is next on the cards for Dark Fair?
Ellie: Gigs, gigs and more gigs. Hopefully some touring and recording. As long as I get to keep playing in a band with one of my besties I’ll be happy.



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