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Meet - Ella Mobbs

What is your backstory?
How did you get into illustration and digital art?

In 2008 I began a Bachelor of Design (Industrial Design) at the Queensland University of Technology where I learnt about designing products for different types of people.

In my 3rd year of the Bachelor of Design I took a break and swapped to a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Interactive and Visual Design).
During this break I started designing and making jewellery that I sold at the markets under the alias ‘Little Lala’.

At this time it was a hobby and something to distract from my studies - I was not very good. Over the next few years I continued making jewellery on a hobby basis alongside my course, which over time saw me obtaining some freelance illustration work for other brands.

During the last year of my course I set the jewellery work aside and focused on attracting freelance work.

Through the freelance work I gained the confidence and experience needed to better design for print and fashion graphics.
I learnt more and more that I wanted to create a platform for myself to make time for personal growth, as well as a space for new, self-directed, creative work.

Having finished my degree in 2013, I have since completed a Certificate IV in Business and I am now focusing on developing my label, Creep Heart.

Tell us about your business “Creep Heart” where did it come from and where is it going?

Creep Heart is all about the self-expression of differences through surrounding and decorating yourself with haunting and romantic, unique designs in the form of art, jewellery and accessories.  It stems from a combination of my love of drawing and making... 

– I am overjoyed each day to be illustrating and crafting items.
This year I hope to take Creep Heart interstate to more events.
I love these opportunities to get out and about, meet new people and see their expressions as they interact with my work.

We absolutely LOVE hearing about women who run their own businesses (and the world!)
Could you tell us a bit about why you started Creep Heart; and the biggest challenges /rewards of being your own boss!

I launched Creep Heart early 2014 as a platform to share my art, jewellery and accessories with others.
I had previously been creating and trading under my own name (while at university), and the beginning of Creep Heart marked the start of following my creative pursuit’s full time.
There’s definitely a few things that change when you are trying to make a living off your art – namely that you’re trying to make a living off your art!

It’s an interesting challenge because you have to price your time for doing the things you love, but to do so in a way that is sustainable.
It’s all good and well if you spend 5 days making an artwork that you’re happy with and want to share with the world,
but you still need to be able to pay the bills at the end of the week.

Of course, those challenges are also the biggest rewards
– it’s all about finding the balance.

What is your favourite medium to work with when creating art and why?

My favourite and go to medium is digital – with a Cintiq in Photoshop or Manga studio.

My education background is in graphic design so the process of designing digitally is what I know best...
– and feel most comfortable.

We would love to hear about your creative process, from inspiration, ideas generation, down to your final polished work.

Whenever I am starting out on a project/artwork I give myself a theme (this is meant to be the easy part, but is usually the toughest).
With the theme, I sit down and do a big sketch dump... 
– over the process of a few days and with lots of walking in between.
That way I can explore the theme, get through all (or hopefully some) of the crappy ideas and find the shapes and imagery of that theme that I truly love, and what come from me.
Once I’ve got a pile of sketches from that theme, I go through and choose my favourites, combing parts of some or making changes here and there. 
Then I refine, draw the outlines, colour it in and add some details.
When I’m done and happy, I do some print tests and colour tweaking, then print out the final.

Depending on what I’m doing, the process can take anywhere from 2-3 days (for a single artwork) or a couple of weeks (for a jewellery collection). I love it – it’s my favourite thing to do!

What has been your favourite artwork that you have ever created and why?

My favourite artwork will always be what I’ve completed most recently,
which at this point is my ‘Feline Spooky’ black cat blossom.

There’s a point when I’m drawing (and I think for most artists) that you just kind of get lost in it – the height in pleasure for mark making.
When I look at my most recent work I am still feeling this.

What do you do to "get in the zone"?
Where is your happy place?

My zone and my happy place will always be at my desk, but if I’m ever having a hard time getting something finished (or started!)

I love going for a walk.
It generally clears my head and makes room for new ideas to be explored!

Do you collaborate a lot in the clothing industry? If so who have you worked with?

During the last year of my university course I focused quite a bit on freelance work.

I love working with like-minded people and was able to complete some of my best projects working with clients such as Dreamworld, Iron Fist and Too Fast.

When DRS X AWF approached you to collaborate on our Tee designs,
Why did you want to collaborate with us?
..... Sorry for the question,
just need to tie it back together somehow! Haha

Sab introduced herself to me at Brisbane Supanova - last year and she was genuinely excited about the label,
what it meant, and where it was going... - and her enthusiasm rubbed off on me!

It’s not often that I see relatively new labels that are so focused and refined
– you’ve clearly invested a lot of yourselves and your time into
DRS X AWF, and that’s the kind of culture that I want to be a part of.

What is next from Creep Heart
and where can our fans find you online?

More haunting and romantic art & jewellery.
Next range... Events, etc.

Instagram: @creep_heart #creepheart #ellamobbs
Facebook | Tumblr 

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