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ISSUE #3 Cover Gal

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Drummer & Certified Legend.

Photos | Bel Ryan (fight night Amanda Santamaria)

For this special Drummer Edition of CRAMP we managed to convince one of our favourite humans to grace our cover. We had a chat to Bridget about hitting the skins, MuayThai and the ultimate showdown of pole versus drums at AWF’s recent FIGHT NIGHT. 


Bridget! You are our celebrated cover gal for Issue #3 of CRAMP. How did you first get involved with AWF? 

“Thanks for putting my drongo mug on the cover! I first got involved with AWF early last year signing up to the Rebelle MuayThai Day Camp with Dani and fighter Clare Fury. It was epic.”

“I met heaps of legends who I now train with today and consider rad mates.”

We hear you’re a pretty legit drummer. How long have you been doing that for and how’d you get started?

“It all started as a mischievous toddler…. Breaking into cupboards to get my hands on pots and pans to bang spoons on.”

“In high school, L7 rocked my world and they influenced me to play in a bad-ass band, so I took up music lessons for guitar – because I originally wanted to shred.”

What was the first song you learned to play? 

“I had to learn ‘Bad Moon Rising’ by Creedence Clearwater Revival for my drum lessons.”

“I also taught myself Metallica and Sepultura songs in rebellion. My parents HATED it! They wanted to watch the news and I kept trying to play ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls’ by Metallica over.. and over… and over… again.”

At our recent FIGHT NIGHT you went head-to-head in a drumming vs pole dancing battle of skills. Could you tell us about that experience?

“There’s background to this story…” 

Sabina, head honcho at AWF and CRAMP: “I want you to play drums for Fight Night...”

Bridget: “Um, ok… Random.”

Sabina: “Will you play drums alongside a pole performance?”

Bridget: *moments silence* “How the hell do I drum to a pole performance?!”

Sabina:You just drum.”

Bridget: “Um,ok!”

Sabina: **hahahaha**

“I got paired up with the amazing Cat (Kitty Pow, Melbourne Backline) where we shared ideas by keeping the performance within the fighting theme. I played the character of an agro, silly, drumming Mexican wrestler and Cat played the sassy and cocky pole performer.”

“It was a lot of fun, even though I winged the drum solo and the wrestling scene was only put together on the eve of Fight Night. Haha! That’s how we roll….”

To finish us off Bridget, who are your drumming heroes and why? 

“Dave Lombardo – Slayer. Why? Because SLAYER.\m/ ”

“Igor Cavalera – Sepultura. Innovative drummer incorporating tribal rhythms to metal.”

“Dave Turncrantz – Russian Circles. Fierce and powerful drummer. Very inspiring.”

“Cindy Blackman. Impressive technique in jazz playing. She’s a virtuoso to me.”

“I’ve also been listening to Interpol’s first two albums more recently, studying Sam Fogarino’s drumming for my new band, Tangrams to get into the vibe.”


Don’t miss out on seeing Bridget play drums with band Tangrams on Wednesday December 6 The Tote. It’s free entry so you’ve got no bloody excuse. Doors at 8pm. 

Suss Tangrams on their socials here.

Chuck this burla on your CRAMP MUSIC playlist:


Bridget's Soundcloud page;

photo: zo damage, available >here<


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