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Photo: Emily Jensen

Cash is a Melbourne rock’n’roll three-piece who riff so hard you’ll be shaking in your boots – in the best possible way. We had a chat with two of their fierce female members – drummer Ash Acid and guitarist/vocalist Cassie Hope.

To kick us off, can you describe your band Cash in just five words?

“Sex. Sweat. Rock'n'Roll. Intense. Black.”

What’s your favourite thing about being in the band and have you always been drawn to music?

“A band is a gang,” says Cassie. “It brings together a community of like-minded individuals that become your music family and friends. Singing and songwriting has always been something I’ve been drawn to.”

“As a child I’d listen to my mum belting out tunes around the house like Fleetwood Mac's 'Rhiannon' and ELO's 'Don't Bring Me Down', and there was something about singing and making music that felt innate in me. Currently, it's the intensity of performing that gets me going which has evolved through playing a shit load of gigs.”

Ash pipes in with her perspective, “The band has been an excuse for me to have fun. It’s led to me to beautiful towns and beautiful people. My body has remained strong and has become stronger from the constant touring. I‘ve become more aware of myself, and the way I interact with others. The band is a vehicle for self-expression. I’ve noticed with much excitement our fans at shows hooking up with one another, which shows the social nature of music.” 

“I’m deeply drawn to music, yes. I have a deep affinity with music and loved dancing and singing on the white tiles of the farmhouse in Sunbury as a child. Music is a sacred, spiritual experience.”

If you could play a gig with any three female rock/alternative artists, living or dead, who would they be and why?

For Ash, it’s about rock royalty. “The queen of rock, blues and soul, Tina Turner! The hard-hitting jazz rock rrummer Cindy Blackman and of course the one and only, Australian born guitar-shredder Orianthi.”

Like all good bands should, Cassie brings some different flavours to the mix. “I’d would love to play with 'Heartbreaker' powerhouse vocalist Pat Benatar, my teenage guitarist singer/songwriter dream queen PJ Harvey and the late, great ,vivacious and daring Chrissy Amphlett.”

You made a rad music video last year  - could you tell us what that was like, and are there any plans for a new one?

It was a massive day with lots of lights, cameras and action,” says Cassie. “We plan to make one for 'Ashes and Bones' soon so keep your eyes peeled!“

Ash loved the experience just as much, but was quick to point out its not all sunshine and rainbows. “Smashing drums and cymbals with tape on them was fucking exhausting. I wore three inch heeled stripper boots and somehow did a Sheila E. and played in them! What got me was that this was eternal. A video that would stay, long after I would.”

Photo: Lucie McGough

You’ve got a corker of a year ahead with the release of your album. Could you tell us about what to expect? 

“The album was recorded on the desk that used to live on Neil Young's ranch in California,” says Ash. “I almost wet my pants when I realized that. The album has Zeppelin-esque drumming, some KISS attitude and even a deeply passionate love song that references Cheap Trick's ‘Heaven Tonight.’”

Finally, do you have any advice for women who want to get into music?

For Cassie, it’s simple. “Hone your craft... but also get out there and play!”

Ash agrees it’s all about practice, “Start with ten minutes a day five times a week and watch it bloom.” 

Stay up to date with all things CASH via their Facebook.

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