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Brother Alec

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Keepin’ it in the fam.

Where: Hoof it for two minutes and you’re there. Brother Alec is just 190m from The CLUBhouse at 719 High Street, Thornbury.

Café food with a conscious, Brother Alec are dedicated to sourcing their delicious ingredients as locally and sustainably as possible.  Think a bit more fancy than you standard bacon and eggs, with menu items such as Grilled Parmesan and Sage Polenta, Smoky Bacon Baked Beans, Smashed Pumpkin on Sourdough and a range of rolls and sandwiches. Their Organic Fair Trade coffee tastes delicious and hits the spot.

Price range:
You’ll prob be looking at around $20 for a coffee and a meal. 

Vegetarian/vegan options: Brother Alec staff are tops and won’t crack the shits if you need an alteration on any menu item. Having said that, their menu is super balanced to accommodate both carnivores and herbivores.   

Gluten free options:
Gluten free bread available on request. As above, ask their friendly staff if you need any modifications or clarification.

Opening hours:
Monday – Friday 7am to 3.30pm, Saturday – Sunday 8am to 3.30pm.

AWF’s Hot Tip:
The Chickpea and Sweetcorn Patties on a wheat tortilla comes with roquette, beetroot apple relish and some silky smooth vegan mayo. Tops.

Brother Alec have got serious game on their Insta > @


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