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Here at AWF we love a bit of rainbow in our lives. With all the talk of the SSM debate going around, you’ve probably noticed a few more rainbow flags popping up than usual.

There are six colours featured in what is widely known as the Rainbow Pride Flag – red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet.

But when Gilbert Baker - artist and activist - designed the flag back in the late ‘70s, the original plan was actually for eight. What’s missing, we hear you ask? Pink and turquoise eventually got the cut, with the original indigo colouring later changed to a royal blue.

Allegedly pink wasn’t available for mass production, leaving an uneven number of seven colours. To keep things balanced, turquoise and indigo were combined to create a royal blue.

We love the Pride flag just how it is, but it’s a real shame two radical colours were axed essentially over logistics.

When Baker designed the flag, each colour had a specific meaning: 

So next time you see a Pride flag, spare a thought for the fact there is so much more than meets the eye.

And hey, if you wanna add in the extra colours like AWF does, there’s certainly no harm in that either. #bringbackthepink

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