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Box together. Be together.

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If you can box together, why not be together?

Everybody has an opinion on the same-sex marriage debate.

Here at AWF it’s something we feel pretty strongly about.

From a young age, society likes to segregate genders into two camps. Boys are expected to rough and tumble together. Girls are supposed to wear dresses and play with dolls. 

In the case of sports – like boxing – there’s an even harder line drawn. Women versus women. Men versus men. 

It’s not until we get a bit older that these two different and opposing forces are expected to come together. More than that, expected to share a life together. 

So let’s get this straight… If you’ll pardon the pun.

We’re taught to stay within our genders, befriend those who are the same and then eventually shack up with someone the total opposite. And that’s supposed to be the norm?

I’ve got a nose for bullshit and I tell you what – I smell a stinker.

If we can grow together, learn together, play sport together… Why can’t we be together? It seems like a paradigm doomed to fail. Stay within your group and love one another - but not too much. What a load of crap.

Of course there are so many more layers to this debate. A simple blog post has no hope of covering them all and we won’t try to. 

In a nutshell, we are champions of the right to love. Of expression of that love, in whatever form that takes. 

Choose love. Vote yes.

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