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Amber is our brand new #AWFGAL and we couldn't be more siked. Not only does she kill it at skating, she's also a top sheila with a brain on her shoulders. We had a chat with Amber about the photoshoot for our new Summer range.
How did everything go on the day of the shoot - I heard you had a really interesting time at a skate park?

The weather on the day of the shoot was due to be overcast and a nasty 13 degrees! Sabina emailed me prior to the shoot, to mentally prep me for the fact I'd be frolicking about in the Summer range at the skatepark - which meant short shorts and crop tops, singlets...
Once we got to the park we started out around the bowl and in Edinburgh Gardens, which was FREEZING! (I'm convinced they'll have to photoshop out my goosebumps) They wanted an action shot in the bowl with me in my roller-skates, once I started moving around and did a few warm-up runs I was able to get the blood flowing around my body and carry on! Over all it was a great experience, Michelle was so great at giving direction, and I was no where near as nervous as I thought I would be.
Have you done much modelling in the past, and how did it compare to the AWF shoot?

I haven't done any modelling in the past AT ALL, which made me initially very nervous about applying for the #AWFGAL model search promotion.

I was relieved when I was advised they wanted to me bring my skates for the shoot, as I've done a few rollerskating shoots for local newspapers and magazines for events and feel much more comfortable on 8 wheels. I've not done any promo or brand work before but I absolutely loved it and would certainly do it again. I loved everything about AWF when I came across their page, so I loved representing their brand and am so stoked I was involved in this awesome experience.

What were your favourite things to wear on the day?

I loved the black athletic short shorts, they're a go-to staple in my wardrobe for skating in summer! The singlets/tees were super light and comfortable, perfect for being active and moving around freely without restriction. Very lovely breathable fabrics too, and although I'm not usually into pink, I was living for the pink racer-back singlet I wore in the bowl with an adorable cropped hoodie. 
Who do you think are good female role models, that encourage gals to be brave and fierce?
My role models have always been any women who don't give a fuck - whether its just a random lady I spot on the street wearing something kick-arse and just generally slaying life, or front-women for rock bands I've worshipped since I was a small kid listening to heavy metal with my dad. Women in general are totally fucking inspiring and amazing and I try and be inspired by all of them!
My skating inspirations or 'roller-models' are StivLives and Lady Trample, two bad-arse babes that excel in the sport and are kicking arse and taking names. Check out their instagrams - you won't be disappointed. 

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