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Getting to know AWF gal Emily

What made you decide to enter our model hunt?

I have followed AWF for years on social media and have been to a few different classes and workshops. I just love The CLUBhouse and everything that AWF is about, so when the opportunity to collaborate with a team of fierce women came to be, it was a no-brainer!

Have you modeled much in the past?

I have done a few shoots here and there, but mostly for fun - nothing too serious.

Any highlights from the day of the shoot?

Dodging trams and lying in puddles :)

What was your favourite item?

So hard to narrow it down, I honestly loved everything I put on! But if I had to choose, the camo print leggings and crop - and the fluffy vest, mmmm...

Could you describe the experience using five words?

Sassy, cold, empowering and fucking fun!

We hear you’re vego. Right on! What’s your fave veggie snack?

I love food, that's an impossible question. Donuts? Urgh yes. Donuts.

You’re also passionate about feminism, equal rights and supporting the LGBTQI community. Tell us more?

I have cared about feminism since learning about it in my early teens. It will always be relevant to those who identify as female, as well as anyone who gives a shit about anyone who identifies as female. I played roller derby for a number of years and it brings a sense of identity, self-worth and support - particularly for women and for people of the LGBTQI community. It was a platform that taught me about the importance of supporting and nurturing women to be strong, proud of what their bodies and minds can achieve, and to be unapologetically themselves. I am grateful to be supported by an intelligent and diverse girl gang, which is something all women should have. 



Photos @amanda_santamaria

Model Em @lydiabeatz

HMUA @samii_salisbury

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