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We are back at it again with the AWF Jams, so get ready for round two of babes and tunes. 


Bridget is an overall mate and someone we love having around. I enjoy working out to fitness styles such as Muay Thai and Martial Arts, says Bridget.  

So I enjoy aggressive music when I train. Bridget says this includes cool sh*t like metal, hardcore, post- punk, alternative and riot grrl.

Music plays an important part in my training, and I get into beast mode when its played.

Her favourite artist to train to is a no-brainer. Everyone knows I LOVE working out to Slayer, says Bridget. Slayer are gods of the metal scene.

And why? The music is extreme aggression, so it's great to thrash out while punching the fuck out of the bags. My favourite Slayer workout tracks are Raining Blood, Mandatory Suicide, Angel of Death and Spirit in Black.




Franca is our trainer for Kettle Belle Hell (and PiNK TRAiNiNG). She also used to yell for a rad punk band called Brainwaves, so you know shes legit.

I love pop! says Franca. Extra points for being female fronted.

Francas favourite workout tracks are equally short and sweet,Ive done a few workouts listening to Nicki Minaj. She's a take-no-shit person! Sounds like AWFs kinda gal.



I like to train to a eclectic mix of music, says Leah. If it's just one style or artist it gets too boring. So a great mix of power ballads and bangers is best.

Her favourite tracks? Something epic like Rage Against the Machine - Killing the Name of, it's good to punch to.

You heard it here first, folks. Load up that playlist with Slayer, pop, Slayer, Rage Against the Machine and Slayer. Try for a total of 666 tracks to earn bonus points!


Stay tuned for more features on our kick-arse crew and in the meantime, treat your ears and your body with a killer workout playlist. Get amongst it!

Photos: Stevie facebook | instagram 

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