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As you may have noticed, weve been featuring a few of our fabulous crew on social media lately. As part of our recent music theme, Smells Like TEAM Spirit, we asked some of the gals about their favourite music for training. Get ready to save some tracks to your playlist, and welcome to the first edition of AWF Jams.



First up weve got Nat, our resident music genius and general legend. When we asked Nat about her favourite music to train to, it was hard for her to narrow down her selection. Not surprising, considering Nat is our go-to girl for all things tunes.

ALL KINDS! Nat says. I have different favourites depending on the workout. Bag boxing I want a good beat, and tough lyrics help! Nothing beats smashing the shit out of a bag to Rage Against The Machine - Killing In The Name Of! There is something cathartic about singing loudly Fuck you, I wont do what you tell me, as you right-left-body shot a bag.

Nat adds, For a less intense workout like a good stretch I want some down-tempo sultry beats. Some Portishead, Morcheeba, Massive Attack. Nothing beats classic 90s jams whilst doing PT style classes to help push through those tabata sessions, or sing along to whilst trying to hold that plank for 30 seconds longer. Eminem's Lose Yourself is a good one to run to, sing along and match your run with.

To sum it up Nat reckons it all about the beat. The kind thats BPM matches that of what I want mine to be whilst I train!

In terms of her all time favourite track, Nat took some time to have a good chin scratch. Thats a tough one. Im going to have to think about it Okay. The Prodigy - Fat of the land! It is impossible to have a bad work out to this album. It works you out mentally and physically!




The second lady we accosted in our search for music knowledge, was our superstar yoga instructor Keely. Well, yoga is my thing and I love practicing yoga to really unusual yoga music,she explains. Like a bit of heavy metal! It doesn't have to be all pan-pipe music and chanting, and you can find a yogic rhythm in anything! And heavy metal can be surprisingly relaxing when doing a vinyasa flow sequence to it.

Like Nat, Keely felt like she was being ball-busted when we asked her about her favourite all time track. Whoah! Too hard! There are too many! I did quite enjoy playing You're the Voice by Johnny Farnham in the difficult abs section of Yoga for Rockers the other night though. It gave us the strength to make it through!Who doesnt love a bit of old mate Farnsy?



The third cutie we got on board for for AWF Jams is Cassie, a ripper recruit who is always down to shred it up at PiNK BOXiNG and PiNK TRAiNiNG. Always the sweetheart, Cassie was quick to stroke our ego, and we loved it. Anything AWF play! Absolute legends! There is nothing better than working out to a bit of alternative rock or metal to get those frustrations out when training.

When we grilled Cassie about her top tune, she had a few answers for us. It changes every day or week depending on my mood - theres so many I love. I would have to say currently Im enjoying Boys Wanna Be Her by Peaches, but Knights of Cydonia by MUSE or anything by Faith No More are always goodies.

That last question had me stumped! There are so many bands and songs I love that get the blood pumping. I must say I am enjoying the current music theme playing.


Stay tuned for more features on our kick-arse crew and in the meantime, treat your ears and your body with a killer workout playlist. Get amongst it!


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