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As part of Open House Thornbury on Saturday August 6, the AWF CLUBhouse opened its doors to an array of local artists and musicians. Yukumbabe are a trio of young guns, who have only been making music together for the better part of two months. For the Open House festivities, they took over our back room to treat punters to some noise.


The three-piece is fronted by multi-instrumentalist Maisie McKenzie, whose vocals can loosely be compared to Katy Steeles of Little Birdy, with a grungier edge. Her overall sound is husky and effortless, which is the perfect pairing for the chilled indie backdrop provided by bass player Max and drummer Justin Petch.

Tracks like Heart Head had a rolling, almost surfer tinge, a contrast to smooth and cruising efforts like Sleeping June. Yukumbabe also showed their versatility by switching up their instruments for the final song of their set, which saw McKenzies vocal abilities go to new heights in the form of a stirring ballad.

Its hard to believe this band has only been together such a short time, and AWF for one will be keeping a close eye on what they get up to next.

Yukumbabe: Facebook

Photos: Janina Revill instagram

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