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AWF GIG REVIEWS: Acolyte "Shades of Black" Album Launch.

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We've all been champing at the bit for the release of Acolyte's debut LP, Shades of Black. On Friday August 5 they celebrated with a ripper of a show at The Evelyn, and if you missed it, you'd better be bloody spewing.

To get things toasty, opening act Lung burst out of the gates with some seriously tight hard rock. Frontman Liam Burke easily swapped between melodic and raw vocals, all the while entertaining with his hilarious on stage persona. It is difficult to believe the Melbourne outfit has only been together for a year, considering how effortlessly they blasted through their set.

With the smoke machine at full throttle and the venue already barrelling toward full capacity, HeadTorcH were the next band to hit punters with a wall of sound. The four-piece upped the ante with fast, crunching guitars, ample reverb and layered melodies care of dual vocalists. Their inventive use of synth coupled with hard alt-rock saw them tear through song after song, and was well received by the growing crowd.

The Evelyn's bandroom was abuzz with activity by the time Ten Thousand swarmed onto the stage. It was impossible to tear your eyes away from their high-energy antics, with the band member's personalities proving to be as huge as their tunes. In addition to an incredibly entertaining performance, punters were treated to psych-rock peppered with throwbacks to old school rock'n'roll.

As the clock neared closer to midnight, the time finally came for Acolyte to grace the stage. The crowd stood shoulder to shoulder in the packed out bandroom, quivering in anticipation for the band they all came to see. From the moment vocalist and frontwoman Morgan Brown appeared, shit got wild. Her fierce persona was only outdone by her powerhouse vocals, which shook the foundations of The Evelyn itself. While Acolyte can be understood as prog-metal in a broader sense, the band deftly combines elements of metal, hard rock and alternative. Their complex performance was made more so by the implementation of keys in addition to the classic bass, guitars and drums combo. Tracks from Shades of Black were brought to life in a bigger, bolder sense, and the crowd went nuts.

It's important to note, that Morgan of Acolyte was the sole female performer of the night. The metal community is definitely skewed toward a masculine archetype, but fierce performances like these are testament to the changes afoot. AWF loves to see women thriving, and we reckon Morgan serves as a killer role model to lady rockers everywhere.


If you missed out on seeing Acolyte live, you can still head on over to their Facebook page to check out their album Shades of Black, and stay tuned for their upcoming gigs.


Photography by Jem King 
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