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Melbourne based singer/songwriter Blaire stole the show, when she took over our front room as part of Open House Thornbury on Saturday August 6. Armed with an acoustic guitar and a sweet as pie attitude, Blaire coasted through a glorious set that included both covers and originals.

Blaire’s music features folk-tinged melodies, backed by twangy, straightforward acoustics. Its always something special when Aussie artists can maintain their accent while singing, rather than mimicking our Western contemporaries.

Its even more so impressive when the result is a velvety smooth treat to the ears, which Blaire accomplishes with ease. This allowed her to bring a local feel to covers like Thelma Plums Around Here, with Blaire mixing in her own blend of dainty charm.

The only complaint about the set is that we didnt get to listen to Blaires original tracks, such as Tremors, all night long. Gut-wrenching lyrics sent shivers down the spines of all who watched, with Blaires honeyed vocals really shining within her own songwriting.

AWF would love to have Blaire back anytime, for having warmed up the joint with her toasty tunes. Go Blaire!


Blaire: Facebook

Photos: Janina Revill instagram

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