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In our post about staying motivated over winter, we mentioned that AWF classes are a great way to stay shredded and prepare you for a zombie apocalypse anytime, anywhere.

Just for fun, we thought we'd get more specific. 

ReBelle Girl worked out how each of our AWF classes can save your cute butt, on the off chance we get overrun by brain munchers. Hollywood's bound to get something right eventually, so why not zombies? It's also pretty darn cool excuse to train. 



Paging Captain Obvious. This one is pretty self explanatory. Having some mixed martial arts skills up your sleeve is definitely going to come in handy. The important thing to remember about Rebelle Muay Thai is that  it's  NOT about learning how to hurt others, but it will give you a self defense skill-set that's hard to beat. Learn techniques that will have you mastering moves accurately, with maximum effect.  You'll get a grip on punching, kicking, elbow and knee techniques, build up some solid core strength and get a ripper cardio workout. 



Rock Aerobix may not seem like a useful weapon against the undead. After all, it's about busting some sweet moves while you crack a sweat. But think about this - with no technology, how the 'eff else are you going to have fun? When you aren't kicking zombie butts, what could be better than having a boogie! Plus, shaking a tail feather will also keep you fighting fit in between zombie-arse-whooping. 




Punch up a storm at Pink Boxing and you'll soon find yourself in fine form. With an emphasis on agility and rapid-fire combos, you'll easily escape from the stickiest of situations. There's no way of knowing what kind of zombies might spew forth from the soil. They'll either shuffle slower than a herd of stoner sloths, or be faster than beans through a cowboy. Probably better to prepare for the latter, just in case. Plus cardio, cardio and more cardio to keep you quick on your feet.




When society has crumbled, you might not get much of a choice when it comes to hiding spots. Luckily Yoga For Rockers has got you sorted, because it's super effective for improving flexibility. Imagine having a choice between a cosy little nook and a cold cement floor - and let's be honest, when zombies are around a hidden, enclosed space to rest is definitely your friend. If you've been a star at your Yoga classes, you'll be able to squeeze into any tight space and keep toasty, safe and warm.  



The thing about zombies is that they come in all shapes and sizes. So what's your plan if you come across a Rugby team of infected meat bags? Well if you've prepared with Kettle Belle Hell, your strength will rival even the biggest of footy players. This sesh builds muscle in your shoulders, arms, butt and core - all vital ingredients for standing up to even the most statuesque of rotters. You'll also be able to swing a kettle bell with brute force - need we say more? 



Pink Training is a fantastic class to improve your overall fitness. It'll teach you the fundamentals of training, and get you in top shape to be the fastest and strongest you can be. On top of all this you'll meet a bunch of fellow ladies, who will become reliable allies in your zombie-fighting squad. 


What are you waiting for then? Check out our new program of killer sessions and get prepped, fit and fierce!

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