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Don't Wear A G-String to Yoga

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Double denim. Borat onesies. Parachute pants. They all have one thing in common - terrible choices for training. It can be hard to decide what to wear while exercising, but you don't wanna wear a G-string to yoga. As our wise founder Sabina says, it's a one way ticket to a wedgie up the front bum.

Here at AWF, we care about your bits. So ReBelle Girl hit the road to get some answers. Here's what some rad ladies from our AWF family had to say.



Kiko is our resident butt-kicker and superstar trainer at PiNK BOXiNG. Kiko gave us the scoop on an important lesson she learnt, "The worst thing I wore to training was shoes that were too big," Kiko says. "First and last time I will ever run on a treadmill." We can only imagine how that panned out. Poor Kiko.

Having trained a swag of people in the past, Kiko has noticed one trend in particular she'd personally like to see thrown in the bin. "Those platform 'you'll never know if I'm tall or short' runners. Like... Are you there to train or walk the runway?!"

We all want to stay in Kiko's good books, especially being that she's known to dish out a burpee or ten. Though like always, she's got our best interests at heart. "The best outfits to exercise in are not only the ones that are the most comfortable, but the ones that YOU feel the best in. I always dress for me, physically and mentally when I train," says Kiko.

"If you can't decide what to wear, start with something comfortable and functional, not TOO big. There's nothing worse than not being able to move properly. The only thing that might be worse, is trying not to drown in your excessively over sized t-shirt. Always remember, no one else cares what you look like."


 (photo of Kim by Stevie O'Cuana)


Kim is a bundle of fun and an important member of the AWF training crew. She let us in on her biggest training-wear fail. "I wore some Kmart leggings once that kept falling down over my butt," says Kim. "I was doing squats with a dropped crotch - no-one likes a droopy gusset!" Damn straight! 

Kim had some A+ advice for what works in terms of training-wear. "Whatever is comfortable, allows movement and makes you feel good," Kim reckons. "I run hot so I prefer a singlet and long tights with a high waist, so there is no cutting into my legs or chub rub. A good bra is essential - especially with a generous boozzie!"

Kim also thinks anyone can achieve this without dropping loads of cash. "You DO NOT have to fork out the big bucks for labelled activewear," Kim stresses. "Most of mine is from the op-shop or supporting local brands, and bands for tops!" 

Kim is a huge sweetheart and regardless thinks we all look wonderful at training, no matter what we wear. "I think everyone always looks fantastic and what you wear to work out is so personal - I'd be in my undies if I could!" 

(photo of Rach by Michelle Grace Hunder) 

Rachael aka Dr Strange

Next up we have our resident clothing pro, designer and collaborator - Rachael aka Dr Strange. Now here's someone you'd think would never step a foot wrong in the apparel arena. Turns out Rachael is still a mere mortal like the rest of us. On the worst things she's worn to training, Rachael says "Two things – Pink metallic leggings (even though they looked ah-mazing) that got so hot my legs went like prunes! And no bra, to Rock Aerobix... twice! I don’t think I need to explain why…"

Like Kim, Rachael reckons most of the AWF gals have got their fitness gear pretty sorted. Although there have been some exceptions "Pink glittery flare pants. I mean, by worst you mean like, WOW. I don’t think I need to name names... Sabina!" 

Rachael adds, "In terms of inappropriate clothing I can’t think of many examples, most of the girls keep it pretty sorted, except once I have seen jeans!" Hear that trusty readers? Denim is never a good call.

When Rachael's not being a babe at AWF classes, she's hard at work designing the DRS X AWF play-wear range. "The main trend is fun and functional clothing. I have learnt a lot while being a part of the AWF Team. Most girls at AWF want to look great but also feel comfortable. There's no 'fitspo' types or 'insta-fit' culture at AWF which I love! But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t an emphasis on being bold or quirky. Sabina and I have definitely realised this while creating the DRS X AWF collab. We try to cater to most of our girls needs by giving them heaps of options."

On how Rachael comes up with the ideas for the range, she says "Sabina and I are lucky in that we are right smack in the middle of our demographic! We don’t design for trends or 'what hot'. We usually just come up with some crazy brained idea and the other encourages it until we come up with something fun! We have a good dynamic and both bring our own styles together to create something unique."


While you're here, why not have a suss of some of the great pieces they've got up in the online store. Or if real life shopping is more your thing, there's also a hella groovy shop space happening down at Thornbury HQ.

The conclusion seems to be that comfort at training should always be top priority. Quit giving a crap what people might think, dress for you and what makes ya feel good when you're busting a sweat. 

(main photos of Kiko by Sabina - Head Coach)

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