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Winter is upon us. It’s a glorious time of year when nothing beats curling up on the couch, a glass of red in one hand and a TV remote in the other. It’s the season of Netflix binges, sloth wizardry, flanny pyjamas and snacking with wild abandon. 

There’s no doubt winter makes it hard to do anything, let alone exercise. Luckily AWF has got you sorted with some smokin’ hot tips to keep you smokin’ hot this winter.


1. Train like you’re prepping for the zombie apocalypse.

Just because it’s cold out doesn’t mean zombies won’t wanna chomp some brains. If you’ve been hibernating all winter and the crisis hits, your chances of survival are slim. 

Getting fit over the colder months will mean you’re ready to beat down zombie butts anytime, anywhere. If Walking Dead taught us anything, it’s that Michonne is totally shredded. And guess what? Unlike the other half of the show’s characters, she’s still kicking it. 


2. Warm and wintery meals, guilt free.

The winter months mean a lot of seriously bangin’ grub is on offer. Comfort food is everybody’s friend, but when it’s frosty out it leans toward the heavier side. Not that we’re complaining, food rocks! The only thing is, it fills your body with a shit tonne of energy. So if the most movement you’ll do is reach for the Dorito bag during an episode of Outlander, you’re not doing yourself any favours. 

Sweat it out at AWF, so you can fill ya’ gob with wonderful winter warmers. All without leaving an imprint of your buns on the sofa.


3. You’ll feel warmer without the layers - trust us.

Only arse hats don’t know that exercise warms you up, quick smart. Jumping, lifting, stretching, running or playing your air guitar. Whatever! It gets you heated up and feeling like a kind of superheroine against the elements. Not only during, but afterward too. 

Keeping your body in prime condition means you won’t be as cold, because your body toughens the f*ck up. Save the cash you’d have used on cardigans and buy yourself something else rad instead. 


4. AWF classes are indoors, heck yeah!

Here’s a hot tip - at AWF we shelter our gals from the harsh mistress of winter. All of our sessions are indoors, so you don’t have to brave the blizzard outside to get your blood pumping. 

You’ll have a sweet time, meet some cool ladies and get that ol’ endorphin rush. In fact, you’ll be so toasty by the time you leave, you might even ditch the thermal undies?


5. Remember the end goal.

This is some basic as advice right here - but remind yourself why you’re exercising, and what you’re aiming to achieve. While it’s easy to give up because it’s a bit nippy on the nips, don’t lose all the time and progress you’ve already made. 

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